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Current version: 1.5

Wefis is a tool designed to manage files on a web-server: it works in a way similar to FTP, except that it is entriely hosted by the server. With WEFIS you can create, delete, modify, rename, copy, etc any file or folder in your section of the site (depending on WEFIS configuration), allowing the user complete freedom of operation...

WEFIS, contrary to most other (free) web-file-systems, is based on AJAX technology. What is AJAX you ask? AXAJ is the fancy anacronym given to the special javascript technique that fetches the minimum amount of information from the server without having to reload the entire page, similar to the technology which GMAIL uses. The result for the end user is that everything is faster, since much less information needs to be transferred every time, and so the whole system is pretty fast, even if the server happens to be slow,... See this page for more detailed information...

From the administration point of view, WEFIS bases its whole security on PRASI, a flexible user management system also developed by us. The use of this system makes site-wide authentication with only one password a reality, thanks to an extremely simple API which can be integrated into any perl module... PRASI is ideally suited for small to medium systems (in terms of the number of users), although it can be used for larger systems with slightly more hassle (setting up users is easy, but modifying 'services' may take more time)...

WEFIS is, therefore, your best dream come true. Written entirely in perl, it is designed for unix/linux systems, although porting it to windows should not be too hard (but is not yet done. If you want to do this, contact us!). The new version includes an overall performance increase, due to internal javascript data bufferring which limits transactions to and from the server. It should also be considerably more stable. We have also modified the stats page to include a realtime CANVAS graph for modern browsers (yes, even IE thanks to code from google).

Main feature overview:

What we are working on at the moment:
Wefis 1.5 is now released. We are looking out for comments and urgent bug fixes. In a few weeks we will roll out the language files to be translated...
How to help:
  • Send us comments about your experience!
  • Help us Translate Wefis...

    The project files for this project are available in the sourceforge download section, or can be downloaded from here:
    Wefis 1.5.x (ie: the latest version).
    Please report back all your experiences with Wefis, for we are very interested in what you think of our software...

    Demo Version?
    New!! We are now able to provide a front-end preview of Wefis version 1.5, but only the frontend since sourceforge does not allow ajax... It should be just about functional enough to get to understand the concept behind wefis. Since it is a stripped-down version, the actual wefis may differ in certain details with that demonstrated, so we recommend you download the release before judging it too harshly! ;-)
    Click here to see the demo...

  • PRASI (comes in the installer)
  • perl (min version 5.0)
  • Unix/linux operating system
  • Around 300kb disk space
  • Various standard commandline utilities (for all features to work correctly)

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