WEFIS vs. 1.3

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You have seen Wefis, but what is it really?
This demo will attempt to give you a very rough overview...

Limitations of this demo:
This demo doesn't DO anything! sourceforge does not support AJAX transmissions to/from the server, so what you are seeing is a VERY stripped down version, showing only the frontend!

As a result of the quick hacks needed to put this demo on sf, it is very buggy, but most of the bugs you find are not in the final download.

It is also a very old version, as I do not have time to keep it updated. Take it as is...

For a demo of wefis as you would normally see it, please go here!
For a demo of wefis as a demo user would see it, please go here!

NOTE: This demo shows Wefis version 1.4 beta. There have been several enhancements and bugfixes since...

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